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Welcome to WKD House & Pet Sitting and I, Kate, Founder/Owner and Zen Mistress of Home & Floof, am here to show you how beneficial it is for you to leave your home and pets in the care of an independent house sitter. 

Here are my 10 reasons you should hire a professional house sitter and pet sitter, to reside in your home and look after your pets while you head off on your hols.

Happier with a house sitter

Don’t send Fido into a spin!

Packing your beloved pets off to a cattery or kennels, suddenly changing their safe and known environment, then waltzing off into the sunset, can be one of the most heartbreaking and stressful experiences for you and your four-legged friend(s). 

They literally have zero clue that you’re ever coming back again… no matter how many times you tell them!

Not to mention how distressing it is for you to see them so upset at you leaving…

WKD Pet Sitting services

Their little faces as you walk away… Not good: enough to destroy even the most desperate-to-get-to-the-departure-lounge!

Even if your chosen boarding establishment seems to be the most loving and caring, remember, no matter how loving they are, the people working there have to look after a LOT of animals each day, so your pet won’t get the one-on-one, almost 24/7 care and attention that they’re used to.

They’ll be in a sort of cell, away from home and won’t know when you’re coming to get them – if at all. This can be incredibly harrowing for them. 

Anyway, here’s some more positive advice!

House sitting: Keep your pets at home

Pets are creatures of habit and thrive on routine, so when you go away, if your pet remains in their familiar home, where they’ve always been, with a reliable house sitter, they’ll be surrounded by the familiar sounds, sights and smells – which is comforting to them, even if you’re not there. 

Granted, your pet will be initially distressed at you not being around for the first few days, maybe longer, and that’s normal.

But they do get over it quite quickly, trust me, I've seen it. And that’s because they’re still in their safe place, with all their normal stuff and smells, ie YOU!

WKD house and pet sitting services

Leaving your pet with a caring house sitter means you can also rest assured that there’s an element of comfort for them being able to remain in their usual surroundings and routines, without the distressed cries of other bereft animals filling their ears. 

House sitters offer 'free' security

If anyone suspect is keeping an eye on your house, they’ll immediately notice if you’ve gone away – especially at the obvious times of year like Easter, Bank Holidays and Christmas (think Home Alone lol) etc – even if you set timers and alarms, and especially if you suddenly start to have random friends constantly popping over to check your home from time to time. 

Having a live-in house sitter being there 24/7 means that your home and pets continue to be lived-in and with, the house routine stays roughly the same and it is therefore less desirable as a target for burglaries. 

Your home will also be safe from random issues like burst water pipes, or electrical fires, as someone will be there at all hours to deal with them should they arise. 

Affordable pet sitting

Hiring a professional house sitter and pet sitter is far more cost-effective than sending your pets off to the kennels or catteries; you get way more value for money, as the house sitter, like me, Kate from WKD House & Pet Sitting, is usually with your pet nearly 24/7. 

Quality live-in house sitters are physically with your fur baby on a one-on-one basis for most of the day should they need a cuddle, walk, letting out, or god forbid they get sick.   

WKD house and pet sitting services

The value for money you receive when employing a live-in pet sitter, compared to leaving your pets at a boarding place is a no-brainer: my attention is all on your house and your pets, it’s not divided between many other animals. 

Live-in house and pet sitters also work with your pet’s schedule, meaning less upheaval and distress for the animal.

Lastly, your entire home is being managed for you while you're away, so you have no need to worry about deliveries, The Big Freeze, food in the fridge etc.

Peace of mind on your vacation

Peace of mind on your vacation is one of the most valuable things you can have. 

Working hard all year, the last thing you want while you’re trying to relax is any kind of worry when you’re thousands of miles away.

Just being safe in the knowledge that your pets and home are being well cared for by a reliable house sitting service while you're away will give you peace of mind, and allow you to relax and enjoy your vacation.

Bespoke house sitting service

What Fido needs, Fido gets with WKD House & Pet Sitting!

WKD house and pet sitting services

Again, my attention is all on your house and your pets, it’s not divided between many other animals. 

I limit my house and pet sitting offerings for a reason, so I can offer you and your fur babies the best of my abilities.

If you have a hugely horticultural tendency and need a few plants watered, or have a particularly lively Lab and a weirdly needy puss-cat, you can leave knowing they’ll all be tended to as if they’re my own: we’ll work together to create a custom care plan that’ll keep your world alive and well while you’re gone.

I offer flexible house sitting schedules

I am extremely flexible when it comes to my time and location. As a Freelance Writer & Editor living in my campervan Sadie, I can be anywhere at any time, within reason. 

If you have a last-minute trip or an unexpected change of plans, a private house sitter like I, can often be available to accommodate your specific needs at a moment's notice, yet still provide a bespoke and high-end service.

Horse sitting is a thing

With WKD House & Pet Sitting, you can choose to opt for the horse care package too.  

I’m very experienced with looking after horses, having owned my own for years and show-jumped to a high level as a teenager.

Kate at Bitterroot Ranch

I still love riding (although I don't get to do it as much as I'd like!) and would consider myself intermediate.

If you’d like me to exercise your horse while you’re away, I’d be happy to hack or school at a walk, trot and quiet canter, nothing crazy. 

Terms and conditions apply.

I'm interested in horse sitting

You’re supporting small individual businesses

By hiring a local, professional house sitter and pet sitter like Kate from WKD House & Pet Sitting, you are supporting peoples’ dreams. 

People who are offering their services and doing the things they love will therefore do them well, and bring to you the best of the best, as it’s their calling and their passion, never an obligation. 

You can’t get much better than that when looking for people to look after your most precious things: your pets (family) and your home!

Come home to a haven

When you work with WKD House & Pet Sitting, you’re guaranteed to come home to a happy furry friend or two, a fresh and clean house with all the chores done, and basic supplies in the pantry for your return.

All you’ll have to do is fling open the door, greet your fur bub(s), make a snack, pour a glass and flop into bed!

And best of all, if you get home at 3am, you don't have to make inane, jetlagged conversation with me, as I'll be safely tucked up in my campervan on your driveway.

Book a house or pet sit

If you'd like to work with me, drop me a line and I'll get back to you ASAP, or if you want to see more of my vanlife adventures, head to my personal Instagram, @what_katie.did 

Author: Kate Hammaren, Freelance Writer & Editor

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