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Writing, editing and proofreading: Blog posts, web copy, articles, email campaigns, social media captions, product copy and more – drop me a line to see how I can help you!

Welcome to my services page! You're in luck, because you've stumbled upon a story weaver and sentence surgeon extraordinaire who's ready to sprinkle some magic on your written content.

Tired of content that's flatter than a pancake? I'll bake your words into irresistible treats that tantalize taste buds and leave your audience craving more! Drooool...

Kate Hammaren Freelance Writer & Editor

Whether you need a witty blog post, a catchy tagline, or flawless web copy, I've got you covered – my superpower is transforming dull and boring text into something that's both entertaining, informative and polished to perfection when it comes to spelling, punctuation and grammar.

So, go ahead and explore my services, I'm excited to help you bring your words to life!

Service 1: Writing

Firstly, here are 10 reasons you need to hire a professional writer for your business.


Blog Posts

If you’re wondering why you need blog posts, here’s the answer: For your intended customers to get quality insider information on a place or experience, right? 

It's also so that Google can find you and put you in front of your customers' eyes. 

Your blog needs to be SEO-optimised, properly curated and laid out, and rich in relevant, useful, up-to-date and insightful content; people want advice before they commit and they want to hear it from an industry leader. That’s you of course! 

Your blog isn’t just a place to write a mundane update each week, it’s a chance to really get your business out there and shine as a leader in the industry, an authority, as someone who inspires trust and knows what their customer wants.

If you’re looking for a freelance writer to create your inspiring, searchable and SEO-optimised blog posts, here’s how I can help:

Many of my commissioned blog posts rank at number one, or on the first Google SERP page for my clients’ keywords, so I'd like to do the same for you. Check out my client portfolio!

I need a blog post

Web Content

Take your homepage from drab to fab! 

Honestly, who wants to read something generic and uninspiring? No-one, that’s who.

These people – your customers – are fun, adventurous, open-minded and ready to go, looking to BUY – and your website needs to reflect this, and cater to their needs.

As a near perma-traveller with insatiable wanderlust, I know what works when it comes to planning and booking, and I can curate SEO-optimised web content that's practical, dreamy and inspiring, and will give your guests the ‘get-me-there’ mentality. 

Let’s talk about how you’d like your website to read.

I need web copy


Do you have an email campaign that needs putting into words? Or a friendly message you’d like to get out to your dedicated subscribers?

Everyone uses email and checks their inbox. All day, every day. Guaranteed.

Sending curated emails could be an untapped resource for your company and could get your customers fully engaged, as you can link your messages directly to all your platforms; website and social media.

Give me the directive and I can write your messages for you, with cleverly curated ‘Open me!’ subject lines and enticing preheaders.

I need emailers/newsletters

Press Releases

I was formerly Assistant Editor for the UK’s number one equestrian monthly magazine, Horse&Rider UK, and was hit with countless press releases a day.

Sifting through them all has given me a unique insight into what works and what grabs editors’ attention, and now, as a freelance writer, I’m able to offer this service as a result of knowing what the publishers want from their PR.

I need PR

Product Copy

One of my magazine roles was as Products Editor, where I was sent items from brands to be featured on the magazine’s ‘What’s in Store?’ and the ‘Tried and Tested’ pages. 

This involved writing honest, engaging copy (often reviewing the items after testing), that would encourage the reader to buy the products. 

I’ve also had extensive experience writing product copy for brands for Amazon Marketplace, so if you're looking to get your products written up and optimised for your website or Amazon, give me a shout!

I need product copy

Service 2: Editing

As aforementioned, I was a UK magazine editor for five years, and have been editing copy and content for brands, websites and writers ever since. 

I am extremely detail-oriented and can spot a grammatical, spelling or punctuation error a mile off – editing raw copy is a real passion of mine and that translates into perfect content for you! 

Hit me with it! I relish a juicy editing challenge and will easily polish up your content so it’s ready for publishing.

I need some editing

Service 3: Proofreading

Do you have a written piece for your blog, product or website that you’re happy with, but you just need one last eagle eye cast over it before publishing?

I spent five years proofreading for one of the UK’s top monthly magazines as part of my role as Assistant Editor and with another 15 years of proofing under my belt since, I'm pretty dedicated when it comes to delivering perfect prose!

Reading is my passion and I love that it translates into my work.

As I said in my ‘Editing’ blurb above, I’m extremely detail-oriented and will easily spot any spelling mistakes, grammar gaffes and punctuation problems. 

I’ll deliver your writing with everything as it should be, so it reflects your high standards.

I need an expert eye

Of course every project is different and I’m extremely flexible, so this is just a guideline on the sort of thing I’d be delighted to help you out with if you’re looking for a freelance writer or editor.

Use the contact form below to get in touch with me to talk about your needs and what you’d like to achieve, and I’ll ask you a few questions so I can put together a proposal for you, taking everything into consideration.

I can’t wait to work with you!