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Why hire a professional writer I hear you ask? Hiring a professional copy writer or content writer is probably the best thing you can do to move your business up in the world – cutting corners on your copy is not a good idea if you want to get sales or bookings!

Here’s the skinny: you’re a busy business owner with very little time to spend in front of the computer, or are working on other projects, but need to have your web, social media or marketing copy written or updated. 

Should you give it a go just to get it out the way?

Don’t be so hasty, your business depends on what people read about it!

Here are 10 reasons you should hire a professional writer and editor, and get those words wrangled today:

Professional copywriter

Optimised content

Specialist copywriters will satisfy Google’s ever-changing needs, (SEO anyone?) – the algorithm may change thousands of times a year (and no-one is ever told how or when), but good copywriters will always be ready with the latest tools and tricks of the trade.

Copy on brand, on point

If you hire a professional copywriter and editor, you can be sure that your copy not only reads well, reflects your brand and sells your product, but they will make sure it’s grammar, spelling and punctuation-perfect, too.

There’s nothing more unprofessional-looking than a website or social media post with glaring spelling mistakes.

Fresh, unbiased writing

Freelance copywriters have a different perspective of your business to that of yours, the owner’s and will approach it with fresh eyes.

Trust me, there is such a thing as being too close to something, and a professional copywriter will be able to write for you AND your customers without being biased.

Your time is precious

Need to free up time to work on other things, but know you need to get this copy written and published or posted? Don’t push it to the backburner and say ‘Mañana mañana’, hand it over to an expert.

Hiring a copywriting expert means you can get on with the things you need to do, whilst sitting safe in the knowledge your important words are in the hands of a guru.

They’ll do the hard work

Your freelance writer will put in the ‘donkey work’ (translate: research).

They will do keyword research for SEO. They will fact-check your names, statistics and claims. They will edit and proofread. All on top of the actual writing!

(Told you hiring a copywriter would save you time).

Masters of most media

A copywriting expert is able to produce varied content across different media.

For example, you might need web content written, social media posts curated, marketing collateral created, adverts, magazine articles and more!

A good copywriter should be able to adapt to most media.

Eyes on the prize!

You don’t want to be paying people to read your stuff, right?

A professional copywriter will create natural, engaging material that will organically bring in peoples’ eyes and drive traffic to your website.

Saving you money

Should you hire a freelance copywriter or go with a media company? Going with the big guns will almost certainly cost you a fair bit more than if you go with a solo-preneur. Here’s why: these big companies will very often outsource copywriting projects to freelancer writers anyway...

...And then they will charge you the cost of the freelancer fee, PLUS a fee for their ‘services’. No brainer, right?

My tip? Just go straight to the freelance writer


It’s what they do

It’s their job. It’s what they’ve trained to do and spent years doing (and earning money for, of course!)

Just like you would hire a professional counsellor, dentist, lawyer, car mechanic, plastic surgeon, tattooist – why wouldn’t you hire a professional writer for your business (the thing that earns your money and keeps you alive)?

Think about that for a minute…

Invest in your business

Hiring a copywriting specialist is an investment in your business. They’re often fun, imaginative individuals with a great passion for what they do and this will translate to your projects.

Establish a good rapport and you’ll be able to call on them time and time again as your business develops, and your needs change.

Did these top tips help you understand why you should hire a copywriter over just banging something out yourself? 

If, now, you’re ready to rock and want to get hiring, click here and meet your ‘Miss Write’

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Author: Kate Hammaren, Freelance Writer & Editor

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