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Bespoke sits: I'll stay while you're away

Hello I'm Kate, Freelance Writer & Editor, animal lover and adventurer, and I understand the struggle to leave your beloved home and pets when you want to go away. 

Putting your fur babies into catteries and kennels, then leaving your home shut up for days, weeks, or months can really expose your property and pets to the dangers of theft and burglary, as people interested in and keeping an eye on your home, pets or location will notice immediately any change of routine – especially an empty house.

Tagged yourself abroad, enjoying Club Tropicana? That's an immediate indication to those in the know, your house might be empty...

Kennels and catteries with potentially careless, sometimes unpaid and overworked strangers can be a super-stressful option for you and your pets, especially if they’re young, old, or need frequent care and medication… and this is where I come in:


Bespoke, trustworthy, reliable house sitting and pet sitting

  • I offer a bespoke house, horse and pet sitting service, and can stay at your house almost 24/7, for as long as you need me to, depending on my schedule.
  • I will love and respect your pet(s) and your home as I would my own, so you can go away without a worry.
  • I will make sure that your pets are comfortable, happy, safe, cared-for, fed on time (to their regular schedule), walked daily or exercised accordingly, and cuddled as much as they want and need.
  • I will give you peace of mind and let you go on your much-needed holiday safe in the knowledge your pets and home are being cared for by someone who will treat them as you would.
  • I will happily send you regular updates, videos and messages, to let you know your home and loved ones are safe and happy.
  • I am totally self-sufficient and confident in being alone with your pets if you live in a rural area. 
  • I will leave your place immaculate and ready for your return.
  • I’m also very experienced with looking after/owning horses.
  • The bonus of me living in my luxury campervan Sadie is that I can offer you a bespoke house sitting service; if you have a late evening/small hours departure or return, I can still be there for your pets and remain on the property in my home on wheels, on your driveway, yet be out of your way if/when you get/leave home at 3AM. 
  • I’ll also water your indoor plants.
  • I’m mainly offering my services around Somerset, Cornwall, Devon and Dorset, but will definitely consider sits all over the UK

kate Hammaren

Woofs and wags for WKD House & Pet Sitting!

Happy pets and owners have their say

Kate recently started dog sitting our three dogs at our home. We are very nervous about leaving them with anyone, as we treat them like our children. Kate has been simply amazing in terms of reassuring us and the proof was in the pudding in the delivery of her services; so natural with the dogs and everything went perfectly. We actually managed to relax whilst we were away! We've already rebooked Kate for a couple more holidays!


Kate has looked after our house and miniature Schnauzer, Gracie a few times when we've gone away. I always feel completely at ease with Kate being there, as she shares regular updates and pictures. Gracie loves Kate looking after her, as she keeps her company through the whole day, and takes her for long walks, too. Kate is also very respectful of the house and keeps things tidy and organised, fully recommend her services! Thanks again Kate, see you next holidays!


Couldn’t be happier with WKD House & Pet Sitting, Kate was compassionate, informative and cared for our pets so thoughtfully. We have a very sensitive cat who was quite taken by her so she clearly has the special touch. Will definitely be using Kate’s services again very soon as we couldn’t ask for more!


100% recommend Kate - I've known Kate in a professional capacity for over a decade or two now, and cannot emphasis how consistently reliable and professional she is. An animal lover through and through, I will not hesitate to use Kate's services when it comes to my own pets in the future, and have already recommended her services to close friends and colleagues. If you're looking for someone who is trustworthy and reliable to love and look after your fur babies in your absence, Kate is your superstar pet sitter!

A.R., Kent

My house sitting and pet sitting experience

  • I’ve house- and pet-sat for over 20 years, looking after mainly dogs (large and small), cats and horses; ranging from a few days, to two months. 
  • My family had Labradors throughout my childhood and teen years, so I’m totally at home with doggos; I genuinely understand your pets are your family. 
  • I’m also not experienced with, but happy to look after chickens, ducks, small pets, fish etc, although I draw the line at feeding mice to snakes and cuddling huge spiders…!
  • I’m very experienced with looking after horses, having owned my own for years and show-jumped to a high level as a teenager. I still love riding and would consider myself intermediate.
  • If you’d like me to exercise your horse while you’re away, I’d be happy to hack or school at a walk, trot and quiet canter, nothing crazy. 
  • I have 5* reviews on AirBnB and Google, and why not come and see what I'm up to on Facebook!


Horse sitting by Kate

Dog sitting by Kate

Flexible, bespoke house sitting services in the UK

  • I live in my luxury campervan, Sadie and can of course come to you wherever you are in Somerset, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset or Surrey – I will also consider other areas in the UK too, so just get in touch and we can talk about what you need.
  • I'm also a self-employed Freelance Writer & Editor, so my days will also involve my client work, but of course I’ll be working from your home, so your pets will have the company they need, all day. 
  • As I’m self-employed, my working hours are flexible which is why I can offer you an exclusive and bespoke house sitting service, I can work around your pet's cuddles and walks – all I need is a reliable internet connection.


Dogs dont drink cocktails

WKD Dog and House Sitting Logo

Kate and a well looked after pet


WKD House & Pet Sitting terms and conditions

All clients will be deemed to have accepted WKD House & Pet Sitting’s Terms and Conditions, as laid out on this website, on signature of the Agreement. 

Any reference to ‘Pets’ in the Terms and Conditions encompasses all species, including horses.


You, (The Client), agree to provide me, (The Housesitter), with your personal contact details, plus local emergency contact details (emails and phone numbers) for use during the term of this agreement. These contact details must be current and functional during the term of this agreement.

You also agree to provide me with detailed, printed instructions of how to look after your house and/or pets.

I agree to sending a daily update (pics and/or videos of your pets and property if desired, but I am not bound to any further communication unless circumstantially necessary. However, I will be happy to reassure you should the need arise within reason, I understand that your pets are your family!


I can care for a maximum of two horses and they must be located on the property.

Please be honest if your dog/horse/cat is known to be frightened of or aggressive towards people and other animals, as this unfortunately won’t be a good match for me.

WKD House & Pet Sitting must be informed of any animal behavioural problems at the time of booking, including any horses which may be tricky to handle. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of all bookings.

The Client will indemnify WKD House & Pet Sitting against any damage or injury caused by the pet towards any property, person or other animal: this will include, but is not limited to veterinary, medical and legal fees.

Should any pet become aggressive or dangerous, WKD House & Pet Sitting shall, at their sole discretion, take whatever action they consider necessary in the best interest of the animal, other animals or people which may be encountered. 

I’ll sit a maximum of four pets (not including horses), but for safety reasons (I'm only 5'2"!), only one extra-large dog at one time, e.g. Huskies, Great Danes, Malamutes, Alsatians, Rottweilers, Staffies etc.  

For dog walking, the Client shall provide secure collars with name tags, phone number and leads, along with suitable harnesses or head collars if required and any coats to be worn.

Please note that WKD House & Pet Sitting is unable to transport your pets for safety and insurance reasons, therefore if driving them to the place of exercise is required, The Housesitter must be insured on your vehicle. 

For dogs, the Client shall provide suitable towels as required in order that their pet may be wiped after a walk.

The Client shall make available cleaning materials in the event of any pet fouling within their property. WKD House & Pet Sitting cannot be held liable or responsible for any stains, marks or damages caused by the fouling or by the attempts to clean it up.


Appropriate rugs (including any spares) should be made available.

The Client shall make available any tools required for the services.

The Client shall ensure all fencing is safe, secure and to an appropriate standard to ensure horses cannot escape and to minimise risk of injury. It is the responsibility of the Client to mend any broken fencing and to ensure that any electric fencing has a power supply, and is in good working order.

The Client shall ensure that either a nearby tap is available or a hose of suitable length is connected up to allow for the filling up of water buckets and any field troughs without the need to use water containers, or to have to carry buckets further than would be considered normal practice.

The Client shall ensure that there is adequate lighting in working order and available to use including on the yard, in the stable and in any feed rooms or barns.

Due to Health and Safety reasons regarding lifting of heavy weights, WKD House & Pet Sitting does not routinely move or tip out heavy water containers.


My standard house and pet sitting fees are payable up front, before the sit begins and include an initial meet 'n' greet.

A deposit of 50% of the house and pet sitting fees to be paid up front, the remainder prior to the start of the house/pet sit. See details in bookings section.

House, horse and pet sitting cover over Easter, UK Bank Holidays, Christmas and New Year will incur a 20% surcharge on the above rates

You agree to cover the cost of any daily parking/permit fees incurred as a result of me being located at the property, plus ferries, CAZ/ULEZ and tolls required for me to reach and live at the property. This list is neither exclusive nor exhaustive, other charges may apply.

A mileage contribution/fees are applicable.

You agree to cover any reasonable expenses incurred whilst I’m on the property, for example (and not limited to) emergency medical pet treatment and medications, pet food and necessary transportation, emergency vet/plumber/electrician call-out etc.

For sits of two weeks or more, please leave a small float, in cash, in an envelope of at least £100, to cover any reasonable expenses or emergencies that may be incurred as above - receipts will be provided if the cash is used. I can also use this to purchase basic supplies, eg bread, milk, wine for your return if desired.

If you have a mixed group of pets, rates will be charged by the largest animal and the others at the above rates each.

Please note that my fees do not include mileage to get to your property, gardening and outdoor plant watering/maintenance, frequent animal washing, deep house cleaning, your personal laundry, food shopping, business admin, or decorating.

Minimum house/horse/pet sit is a two-day live-in sit, please add 20% to my above rates.


Must have off-road parking for my campervan – if you don’t have this available, but there is safe parking nearby, please still get in touch. My van has a height restriction of 3m and is 6m long.

Please make me aware of any security cameras in and around the house: I am not happy to live with live cameras in the house (outside is fine), for no reason other than I find it creepy being watched! I’m honest, clean, tidy and hard-working, and don’t need to be monitored 24/7 – take my word for it and check out my testimonials from former and current clients.

You are responsible for ensuring your property is safe and secure for your pet while you are away. I will not be responsible for escapes from their own garden or the property due to holes in the fence, poor gates, open/public areas etc.

The Client shall provide one of each key required for back/front/side doors and windows where applicable. Spare keys must also be left in a safe space outside the property in case of emergency.

Keys will be returned upon completion of this agreement providing all fees due have been paid.
If it is necessary for keys to be collected or returned in order to provide the service, charges will be applied to cover time and travel costs.


In the event of the Client cancelling the services, the Client agrees to pay WKD House & Pet Sitting a fee equal to the following:

100% of the fees if cancellation occurs less than 72 hours of the scheduled service.

50% of the remaining fees if cancellation occurs less than two weeks before the scheduled service.

The non-refundable 50% booking deposit, as set out above.


In the event of extreme weather conditions that couple potentially have an adverse effect on your pet (e.g. heat, snow, thunder storms etc.) WKD House & Pet Sitting shall, at their sole discretion, take whatever action they consider necessary, including not carrying out scheduled exercise or not turning horses out if it is, in their opinion, not safe to do so.

Dogs will only be walked on leads unless an ‘Off the Lead Permission Form’ has been signed.

WKD House & Pet Sitting will make adequate steps to ensure your home/yard is safe and secure in your absence, however WKD House & Pet Sitting cannot be held responsible for any burglaries, or accidents caused by your pets.

Any damage to the property or possessions of the Client in their absence, however caused by the pet, where considered by WKD House & Pet Sitting to be serious enough to inform the Client, they will do so at the earliest opportunity.

The Client is responsible for any veterinary bills whilst their pet is under the care of WKD House & Pet Sitting, no matter how they are incurred.

If the pet is taken sick or injured, WKD House & Pet Sitting will notify the Client at the earliest convenience to take instructions or guidance. In the event of WKD House & Pet Sitting not being able to contact the Client, or in an emergency situation, WKD House & Pet Sitting shall make arrangements as deemed necessary and which are in the best interest of the pet. 

Any veterinary bills shall be directly chargeable to the Client.

All dogs being exercised must be fully vaccinated and on a regular flea and worm control regime.

Any dog(s) coughing will not be taken out for a walk and normal charges may still apply.

It shall be the sole responsibility of the Client to ensure that WKD House & Pet Sitting is fully aware of any health issues their pet is experiencing, or has suffered from in the past. WKD House & Pet Sitting cannot be held liable for any actions or omissions which result in problems or complications for anything not disclosed.

No booking can be accepted without a completed Veterinary Release Form. 

In the event of a pet having a contagious illness or disease which has not been disclosed, the Client may be liable for the costs of treatment given to other animals which become infected.

Whilst WKD House & Pet Sitting will make every effort to ensure the safety of the pet and ensure that the pet is well looked after in the your absence, WKD House & Pet Sitting cannot be held liable for any loss, illness or injury of any pet whilst in their care, nor for any death of a pet unless they can be shown to be negligent.


Bookings will only be accepted after all the necessary forms have been completed and any payment due has been made.

For all clients, a non-refundable 50% deposit will be required at the time of booking and the remaining payment will be due no less than 72 hours before service begins.

Payments may be via cash and bank transfer.

Bookings may be accepted up to 24 hours before service begins, but payment in full will be required for all bookings made less than 14 days before service begins.


WKD House & Pet Sitting holds and maintains Public Liability Insurance.

The insurance covers WKD House & Pet Sitting for the services agreed during the times or periods specified.

It shall be sole responsibility of the client to ensure their property, its contents and also their pets are adequately insured throughout the duration of the scheduled services.


The Client shall advise WKD House & Pet Sitting of anyone who will have access to your property during any periods of the Client’s absence, including but not limited to friends, family and neighbours.

WKD House & Pet Sitting shall not be liable for other persons or their actions or omissions who will be in, or have access to your property before, during or after services have been rendered.


Please ensure everything is available to me for the duration of your trip, eg pet food, snacks, cleaning and laundry products, pet medication, poo bags, etc so that I may care for your pets and your home to the best of my ability.

I have a full, clean UK driving license and ask that you add me to your vehicle's insurance if you need me to drive your pets to walking spots, veterinary appointments (within reason) etc. 

I am unfortunately unable to take your pet(s) to their usual training classes if applicable. 

These rates and Terms and Conditions are subject to change and updates.


It shall be the Client’s sole responsibility to ensure the information provided to WKD House & Pet Sitting is current and up to date. The Client agrees to accept any decision made by WKD House & Pet Sitting in the event of not being able to contact the Client as a result of wrong information held. 

If WKD House & Pet Sitting is subjected to any expenditure as a result of the decision that expenditure shall be recoverable from the client.

WKD House & Pet Sitting shall not use or pass Client information to a third party (other than information needed by a carer or veterinary surgeon to perform their duties). 

All information relating to the Client, their property and pet(s) will be stored in accordance with GDPR.

The Client agrees to allow WKD House & Pet Sitting to use their own personal photos and videos of the house and pet sit for social media and marketing purposes, within reason and without intentionally compromising the clients’ pets, property and privacy, security and safety.

WKD House & Pet Sitting, reserves the right to make updates and changes to these Terms & Conditions

June 2024

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