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As a digital nomad freelance writer and editor travelling the world, and currently living full-time in my campervan 'Sadie', I've become very accustomed to creating quick, healthy meals on-the-go, in a tiny space, using very few items and utensils. Here I share with you some of my favourite hacks and products for your campervan kitchen!

Campervan kitchen

Kitchen storage and cooking in a campervan or motorhome doesn't have to be messy or complicated!

I have all these items listed in my Mercedes Sprinter van conversion and they (nearly) all get used every single day, saving me space, time and money.

Here are my top 14 clever hacks and products for your campervan kitchen.

Portable USB-chargeable mini blender

I've had this portable mini-blender from day one as a Vanlifer and it hasn't let me down. Raspberry bombs awayyyyy!


USB-rechargeable and at 500ml, it's just big enough to blend a portion of smoothie or soup.

I'd rather prep 3-4 smoothies or soup servings in advance, but my 45-litre campervan fridge is too small anyway, so I have to prep one drink at a time. 

Works for me! Grab it here.

Silicone reusable food storage bags

These silicone reusable food bags are an absolute game-changer if you're into food prepping and space-saving.

Whenever I do a food shop, I get back to the van, wash the fruit and veg, and do any food prep, then store the cleaned prepped food, fruit and veg in these handy reusable food storage bags.

No need for horrible single-use plastic freezer bags or bulky boxes; these airtight, BPA-free, eco-friendly pouches are perfect for popping prepped food into the fridge, as they save so much space! 

Grab them here, you won't regret it!

Collapsible Tupperware 

Collapsible tupperware is a really clever food storge hack for any tiny home living; campervans, motorhomes and even regular fridges.

Just pop your food in, put the lid on, push down (if there's space) and the container shrinks, and becomes airtight, too!

Such a clever vanlife kitchen and tiny house space-saving kitchen hack, no more hideous searching-for-the-matching-lid separation anxiety!

Campervan storage: hanging Mason jars

Campervan kitchen storage hanging mason jars

One thing I get the most compliments for in my campervan kitchen is my hanging jars!

They're one of the best campervan kitchen storage hacks out there, as they make the most of any vertical space you may have available.

They're also a cheap storage solution for campervans, as you can just use upcycled glass jars from your jam, coffee or whatever!

How to affix your mason jar kitchen storage:

  • Get jar lid and squirt a little gorilla glue around it.
  • Using two screws, affix to the underside of the unit 
  • Push up so the glue seals and wait until dried
  • Screw in your jar – et voila! 

Cute enamel Vanlife mugs

I'm not a fan of cheap plastic and unneccessary glassware in a campervan is really a recipe for disaster – I speak from experience (see oven disaster below!)!

So what better than some stylish vintage-camping style enamel cups for campervans?

Granted they do transfer heat uber fast, so your tea cools down pretty quickly, but they look cute and they don't break, so SOLD!

I bought these little Sass & Belle enamel Vanlife mugs in a local shop, but you can also get them here.

(PS: They make a GREAT gift for the van-dweller in your life, too!)

Campervan pullout kitchen storage

Slide-out storage in a campervan kitchen is a GENIUS way to store all your dried goods as it utilises a tall, narrow space.

Plus, everything's easy to reach in a pullout pantry. I love mine!

Campervan storage sliding pullout pantry

(Excuse the cardboard over the oven, I broke the glass the day before! Not a good look!)

Folding collapsible washing up bowl 

Another space-saving hack, this folding collapsible washing up bowl is an absolute Vanlife kitchen must-have.

Keep it in your van sink/basin and save water while washing up, or easily fill the bowl and take your crockery to the washing up station; either way it gives you control over water use and disposal in your home on wheels.

Multipurpose frying pan

I have one deep drawer in my campervan kitchen, so there is zero space for multiple pan stackage. 

As you may have noticed, I also steer clear (where possible) of insidious toxic chemicals that are wantonly lacing our consumer products (which, incidentally, are designed to 'enhance' our life and experience. LOL.).

One such toxic creeper is the delight that is Teflon. I won't go into it, but it's bad. Think Erin Brokovich and watch the movie 'Dark Waters'... 

Anyhoo! My research took me to 'Our Place' pans (dubbed 'The Rolls Royce of pans') and after many months of deliberating over the spend, I went for it.

Always Pan from Our Place in my campervan 

Talk about levelling up your campervan kitchen aesthetic!

There really are no words, other than that it is, a) Beautiful, b) Uber multi-functional, and c) Cooks everthing to a dream.

Coupled with that silicone spatula/spoon I mentioned earlier; crusty, hard-to-clean pans and shitty-fried-eggs be gone!

Fruit and veg mesh storage net 

This reusable, large mesh net shopping bag (pictured below) is the absolute best place to store your fruit and veg when living in a campervan.

You can easily hang it up and the bag expands to fit all your food!

(Don't forget to take it down when on the move though, there's been a few times when melons have gone a-flying!)

Campervan kitchen with fruit and bread storage hacks

Fruit storage net and eco-friendly bread storage bag (below) 'hanging' out together

Eco-friendly bread bag

Let's face it, vans can be damp places and items like bread can go off quickly. Plus, who wants soggy Hob-Nobs?! Not I.

Bread is also bulky to store, so hanging it up in this linen eco bread storage bag (see pic above) keeps my homemade loaves fresh for days, reducing the need for single-use materials like plastic food bags and aluminium foil, and keeping it out of the way, too.

Along with your bread, it's also large enough to store a pack of bagels, a pack of biscuits and a couple of other bits that don't enjoy any damp. (That's if those biscuits last that long!)

Eco-friendly washing up liquid 

I don't like to use any chemical products on myself or in the van as aforementioned, so always opt for natural, chemical-free brands.

I go to zero-waste shops and refill my containers to reduce plastic waste, but if I can't get get to a zero-waste refill shop and have to buy a new bottle, I go for Ecover products. (Not sponsored!)

Why should I use eco-friendly detergents? Amongst many other reasons, using chemical-free products means that disposing of them while on the road reduces your toxic footprint and keeps all the nasties away from nature and out of waterways. No-brainer.

Small slow cooker for campervans 

I originally wanted to buy a 12v slow cooker/crock pot, however, they're few and far between, and always seem to be sold out.

I didn't put that much research into it to be honest, but stumbled across this little slow cooker from Asda, which turns out to be the perfect small crock pot for campervans.

It's really little at 1.8 litres (ideal for storage and prepping a couple of meals) and at just £13, it's an absolute steal. 

What's more, it's 140v, so won't draw too much power either. 

I'll be using this small slow cooker for campervans when I check into campsites for a few days each month to empty the toilet cassette.

Thumbs-up from me as a campervan kitchen must-have!

Underfloor heating for campervans

Luxuries abound!

I've added some simple campervan underfloor heating to the main gangway of my campervan and it's been a total luxury this winter, when I've been standing in the kitchen prepping meals or making a cuppa. 

Campervan underfloor heating mat

And underfloor heating for campervans is not as expensive as you'd think!

It fits between the insulation and the floorboards, and pumps out a luxurious, cosy heat into my feet when I'm cooking, washing up and pottering in the galley.

It really is an absolute game-changer, however I can't keep it running without EHU during the winter as the sun mostly isn't strong enough, so assess your leisure battery and solar panel array capabilities before taking the plunge.

I spend two-three days out of every 10 or so, on sites to reset my water, toilet and have a rest from travelling, so having campervan underfloor heating works for me beautifully as a little on-site luxury.

Silicone spoon

The reason this multi-use, heat-resistant silicone spoon is so good is because it replaces a number of items, saving you space in your home on wheels.

It acts as a 'wooden' spoon, spatula, flipper thingy, and even cleans round the pan as you use it, saving on the washing up. Genius. 

Ditch the handful of utensils cluttering up your one-and-only drawer, and replace them with this amazing multi-use spoon, pronto!

One last thing! I'm an Amazon Associate, so if you buy anything I've mentioned in this blog through the links above, I may receive a small and welcome donation from the 'Zon themselves – but at no cost to you. TIA!

If you'd like to work with me, drop me a line on my contacts page and I'll get back to you ASAP, or if you want to see more of my vanlife adventures, head to my Instagram, as above 

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