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If you’re wondering where to go in the Philippines, Cebu Island should definitely be on your list! 

Over the time I’ve spent here, I’ve discovered that there are many fun things to do in Cebu, but some of the best adventures in Cebu can be found in the south west of the island, in a small beach town called Moalboal

Here's an insider guide to the 5 best things to do in Moalboal – whether you’re backpacking in the Philippines, on a romantic getaway or just looking for things to do in Moalboal at the weekend.

Fly a Gyro Cebu

Fly a Gyro Cebu

What is Fly a Gyro Cebu? Fly a Gyro Cebu is hands down one of the best adventures in the Philippines

Take to the skies in a two-man light aircraft and see the insanely beautiful sights of Moalboal from the air. 

You’ll fly over Moalboal Town, Panagsama Beach, Pescador Island and see stunning coral reefs, beautiful green hills and – if you’re lucky like me, a whale shark!

Insider tip: If you’re scared of heights, don’t be afraid to give this a try, I promise I didn’t feel any vertigo at all and Yohann the owner/pilot gives a thorough briefing beforehand, explaining how safe it is. 

Why you should try: It really is the best way to see Moalboal and your pictures will be seriously Insta-worthy!

Price: 15-minute flight: 2,700 PHP (around $54 USD), longer flights available.

Scuba dive with the sardine run

Sardine run Moalboal Cebu

Diving in the Philippines is some of the best in the world. And diving in Moalboal is some of the best diving in the Philippines

There is so much incredible marine life just off the shore of Panagsama Beach – most notably is the famous Moalboal Sardine Run – you’re 99.9 percent guaranteed to see it, hence it making the best diving in the Philippines lists!

The Moalboal sardine run comprises huge bait balls of millions of sardines, often so dense they form a cloud that can even be seen from the air.

The sardines usually stay around the reef a few metres from Cebu Dive Centre, which offers the best value diving in Moalboal Cebu

If you want to dive with sardines, a qualified guide from Cebu Dive Centre will take you to where the Moalboal sardine run hangs out, just along a stunning wall filled with beautiful corals and some fabulous macro life. You’re also likely to see turtles and the occasional whale shark!

Insider tip: Only wear reef-safe sunscreen when you’re in the ocean, as regular sunscreen is highly toxic to marine life.

Why you should try: Seeing this enormous shoal of fish looking up from below is breathtaking!

Price: If you’re already certified, a shore dive with the sardines is from 800 PHP (around $16 USD). Discover Scuba Diving is 3,000 PHP (around $48 USD).

Watch the sunset over Negros Island

Sunset in Moalboal Cebu

After a long day’s adventuring, you may be wondering what to do in Moalboal in the evening. 

One of the best things to do in Moalboal in the evening is taking in the incredible sunsets over the Tanon Strait and Negros

I can highly recommend you find a nice spot on the beach or in one of the restaurants in Moalboal overlooking the water, order yourself a cool beverage and watch the show. 

Insider tip: Don’t head home when the sun slides behind the mountain… the afterglow is the best bit! 

Why you should try: It’s serious food for the soul.

Price: The cost of your ice-cold beer.

Try a real Swiss Cheese fondue

Swiss cheese fondue at Blue Abyss Moalboal

One of Moalboal’s best-kept secrets and one you probably won’t find in the Moalboal travel guides is the Swiss Cheese fondue at Blue Abyss Dive Resort restaurant on Panagsama Beach.

As this restaurant in Moalboal is Swiss-owned, this is the real deal with real Swiss Cheese – even down to the table-top pots it’s cooked in – and it is DELICIOUS. (It’s almost too good to share!)

Insider tip: You need to book your fondue and your table in advance as this restaurant in Moalboal is very popular.

Price: 995 PHP (around $20 USD) – good for two, plus you get a free glass of wine.

Why you should try: If you love cheese, then you’ll love this! Especially if you’ve been backpacking in the Philippines for a while and are missing a cheesy feast.

Relax on the white sand of Lambug

Lambug Beach Cebu

Most Moalboal travel guides will send you to White Beach, but why not head away from the other tourists and go over to the equally-stunning Lambug Beach instead?

Just a 30-minute drive from Panagsama Beach Moalboal, this dazzling white sand beach in Cebu is the perfect paradise for topping up your tan or doing some snorkeling. Just pack your (reef-safe!) sunscreen, towel and water, and relax…

Insider tip: If you take the bus, be prepared; there’s a 15-20-minute walk from the main road to Lambug Beach (and it’s hot!).

Why you should try: White sand, fewer tourists than White Beach Moalboal… what’s not to love!

Price: There’s a small motorbike fee for parking


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