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When the new leisure battery on my Mercedes Sprinter campervan started playing up, I nearly despaired on finding a campervan company in south England who would be able to fix it (and the associated issues) ASAP. Luckily I found a campervan specialist near Southampton and I can't recommend them highly enough!

I've been living in my Mercedes Sprinter campervan Sadie for the past year, and have had my fair share of niggles here and there – I guess that's all part of Vanlife!

Even though I'd had a new leisure battery put in a few months before, I was getting virtually zero off-grid time, which isn't what I signed up for. I don't want to be beholden to campsites which was where I was heading!

The company I originally went to in September couldn't work out why, so I put up with it for a while.

When Vanlife goes wrong

Campervan in New Forest at dusk

Then as the dark nights drew in and suddenly my water pump went on the fritz (separate situation, horrible timing!), I realised it was going to be a bleak winter ahead...

Campervan repair companies are notoriously booked up months in advance these days due to the Pandemic and staycations, so my heart sank when I realised it could be weeks or even months before my van 'worked' and was comfortable again.

With the battery having a tantrum, the heating was affected, I was only able to get one laptop charge, didn't use the lights... not ideal and I was potentially in for a cold, miserable time.

Mild panic set in and I Googled 'Campervan repair shops near me', 'Campervan repair shops in Southampton', and luckily came across Wild Camp Van Conversions in Bitterne.

If you're looking for a campervan company in south England, look no further than Wild Camp Van Conversions, they do more than just a good job, they actually give a s*it!

Here's my review on this campervan repair shop in Southampton.

Why I love Wild Camp Van Conversions

There are not enough good words in the English language to do Alan (owner) and Graham (electrician) justice!

My new two-month-old leisure battery didn't work properly and I was on the edge of despair, and Alan kindly took a look the day I called, despite being extremely busy.

After much investigation, research and discussion, Alan and Graham came up with the best, most relevant, and most cost-effective solutions for me and my van.

Campervan electric system

Pic: They swapped out the hectic split charge relay and battery protection system (the silver boxes and wires) for a smaller 140 amp sensitive relay (round green item)

Very long story short, I came away from Wild Camp Van Conversions with all the problems solved and genuine excitement for Vanlife again, confident in the knowledge that my van's electrics are now suited to all my off-grid needs.

They were so kind and didn't just treat me like a project to be dealt with and wrapped up ASAP, they took so many things into account and did everything they could to make a bit of a nightmare as easy as possible.

I will ONE HUNDRED PERCENT go back to Alan and Graham for all my campervan needs, and would highly recommend you also go there if you need your camper modifying, fixing, sorting etc.

My campervan's new off-grid-friendly electrics

  • 2 x 110 AGM Rolls leisure batteries
  • Victron Energy MPPT 75/15 SmartSolar panel
  • 4 x USB charging ports
  • 2 x 12v cigar points (for off-grid TV usage and laptop charging)
  • Partial rewire, including isolation of 240v system and inverter
  • Portable Power Technology 140amp sensitive relay

I thank my lucky stars I found these guys, so do yourself a favour and have them help you sort any van issues or modifications you may have!

N.B. This post is a genuine review of this campervan conversion company and has, in no way, been sponsored.

Author: Kate Hammaren, Freelance Writer & Editor

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